Facts About St. Louis Drunk Driving Accidents & How To Fight Them Legally?

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Many people die every day, but what’s unfortunate is that many of them have to lose their lives due to someone else’s mistakes. Just because some drivers are high on alcohol and fail to control their car’s speed, many innocent citizens in St. Louis don’t get to see their loved ones again. 

According to the federal government, in 2018 alone, every 50 minutes, someone died because of reckless driving by drunk driving. Drunk driving fatalities accounted for 29% of total traffic deaths that took place in the United States. This number has only increased since then. 

Talking about St. Louis specifically, almost 25% of traffic deaths in Missouri occurred due to drunk driving in 2018. Although the number of such cases in the United States has decreased slightly since 2014, St. Louis has been an exception to this trend. 

For a common citizen who has to go out every day to the workplace, market, or anywhere else, these numbers are alarming. Even if you take all the precautions and follow every traffic rule, there is no way you can control how someone else drives on the road. This is the reason you should be ready with all the legal options if you end up getting hurt because of someone else’s mistakes. 

The best way to approach such a case is to be aware of your surroundings. Take pictures immediately so that you don’t lose out on any potential evidence at the time of filing a lawsuit. Also, contact authorities, 911 in this situation, immediately without any failure. The moment you take these two steps, you have won half the battle. The other half can be won by hiring an expert personal injury lawyer from a reputed firm like Onder Law that has been in existence for a long period and has won its clients hundreds of thousands of claims so far. 

What’s better, in this case, is that you don’t have to pay any upfront fee to your personal injury lawyer. You pay only if Onder Law wins the claim for you and gets you the best possible settlement amount from the defaulter. Get in touch with them to clear your doubts.


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